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Psychiatry & Medication Management


Once a patient has undergone individual therapy and/or neuropsychological testing to determine which disorder(s) he or she has, the next step is psychiatry and medication management. What happens now is discovering which methods and medications work best for each patient.

Some examples of psychiatric therapies we may choose to implement include, but are not limited to, cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, or solution-focused therapy.

We also assist with medication management. When a patient is diagnosed with a disorder where medication is suggested, we help the patient navigate the process of finding the right medication or combination of medications to best suit their needs.

We understand that because no two patients are the same, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment or management method, so we particularly focus on regular check-ups and check-ins to ensure that our patients are receiving the right combination of therapy and/or medications.


When a patient’s diagnosis is confirmed, the next step will be to have a consultation about which combination of therapies and/or medications are recommended. Therapies will be largely determined by the patient’s needs based on the results of their neuropsychological testing and their current state of emotional and mental stability.

Medication, on the other hand, may take a little more trial and error. As we mentioned, no two patients are the same. That goes for chemical makeup as well. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right medication for each patient. For that reason, a patient will be given a trial prescription to see how the medication affects them. This is where the “medication management” comes in.

Psychiatric providers will have regular check-ins to ensure that their patient is doing well on the medication(s), especially during the trial period. If for whatever reason, a patient has an adverse or no reaction, then the psychiatrist may recommend something else. Note: this is common! Many patients feel frustrated and disillusioned when the first medication doesn’t work, and we understand. But this is a natural occurrence and it’s our job to continue to work with our patients until they find the right fit.


Patients newly diagnosed with a disorder or imbalance may be wary or fearful of new medications and therapies, especially if they have had negative experiences in the past. However, in our experience, our patients not only manage their disorders, but many overcome them as well.

We guarantee that a patient who receives psychiatric care and/or safe, prescribed medication will be much better than one who doesn’t. We understand the struggle our patients may have to go through to reach a place where they feel comfortable and we promise to support and guide them until they reach that place.


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