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Group Therapy & Classes


Group therapy, as opposed to individual therapy, is a place where more than one patient discusses their diagnoses together with a therapist in a collaborative setting. The main goal of group therapy is for patients to understand that they aren’t alone with a diagnosis. Patients are also able to discuss how their personal diagnosis differs from others, and compare how their diagnosis manifests. Individuals can develop strong, communal support around specific issues.

Often, patients will attend individual and group therapy. Individual therapy helps a patient work through the specifics of their diagnosis, while talking in a group allows them to see how the diagnosis affects them in a community.


Having a communal space to feel safe opening up about sensitive topics is essential for many people to work through their own diagnoses. Talking to others also helps put things in perspective for each patient.

A group setting allows patients to bounce ideas off each other, create specific solutions for each other, and hold each other accountable in a friendly atmosphere. A therapist at Bett’s Psychiatric is present to help guide the conversation and provide additional support.

We know it can be intimidating to share personal information with a group of strangers. However, by the time a few sessions have gone by, generally patients report feeling better than they expected – especially if they trust the other group members and are willing to share. Members of the group will likely turn into trusted confidants and a network of reliable sources for each other to use during their therapy process.

Upcoming Classes

In addition to group therapy, Bett’s Psychiatric will also be having quarterly classes to teach about medications, specific diagnoses, and more.

The specifics of these classes are still being planned, so check back regularly for more information and to learn how to sign up.


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